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Consumer Education

Security State Bank cares about our customers and we want to share with you any information we feel may protect you and your finances. Below you will find information on various topics and more!

Identity Theft

How to Report and Recover from Identity Theft

FTC Identity Theft Recovery Booklet

Signs of a Compromised Smartphone

Fraud and Scams

Coronavirus Scams

10 Things You Can Do to Avoid Fraud

Scams! Beware and Be Alert

Mortgage Relief Scams to Watch Out For

Information Technology

FDIC A Cybersecurity Guide for Business

FDIC A Cybersecurity Guide for Consumers

Budgeting & Saving

Sample Monthly Budgeting Worksheet 

20 Practical Ways to Save Money


Credit/Debit Card Tips

Lost or Stolen Card

If you need to cancel lost or stolen ATM or debit cards during bank hours call your local Security State Bank branch.

If you need to cancel lost or stolen SHAZAM ATM or debit cards after bank hours call (800) 383-8000.

If your card is not working and you suspect fraud call Shazam Fraud Operations at (855) 219-5399.


Credit/Debit Card Fraud Protection

Fraudsters are out to get your info. Let us help you stay safe from a skim with these 5 simple STEPS.

5 Simple Steps for Credit/Debit Card Fraud Protection


FICO™ Falcon® Fraud Manager

Think of us as your fraud protection bodyguard.

Fraud strikes people of all ages.* But we’ve got the muscle to keep your accounts safe. Security State Bank is helping you fight fraud with FICO® Falcon® Fraud Manager.

Our fraud detection services keep your accounts safer.

With each swipe of your card, Falcon creates a memory of information based on cardholder habits such as where and when you shop, how much you typically spend, types of purchases, fraud rates in the area and more. Each purchase strengthens the memory and in turn, makes decisions on which transactions are likely to be fraudulent.

What if fraud is detected on my account?

If a suspicious transaction is detected on your debit card, a SHAZAM fraud specialist will call you on our behalf from 866-508-2693. They won’t ask for any personal information.

If you confirm the transaction is fraudulent, Falcon’s real-time response capabilities allow us to quickly respond to suspicious transactions and avoid additional losses.

There’s nothing to sign up for. Simply provide your current contact information and notify us if it changes.

Falcon is just one fraud- fighting mechanism Security State Bank has in place. Ask us how you can join the fight against fraud!



SHAZAM BOLT$ is now Brella! Brella offers you a safe, easy and fast way to manage your accounts at no cost to you!! Identifying potential fraud, freezing your debit card right away if you misplace or lose it, finding surcharge-free ATMs and monitoring accounts is available 24/7 on your mobile device through their no cost mobile app, wherever the road takes you. Like a high-tech early-warning system, Brella can immediately alert you to potentially fraudulent activity on your smartphone, tablet or home computer.

Brella provides alerts for purchases exceeding your defined amounts, phone or internet purchases and suspicious or high-risk transactions. Download the app and get started today!

Brella Mobile App

Brella Cardholder 2020 Quick Guide


Privileged Status ATM

No surcharge at privileged status ATM machines!

Security State Bank participates in the Privileged Status Program developed by the SHAZAM network to help community financial institutions provide their customers with a broad base of surcharge-free ATM locations.  Just look for the "Privileged Status ATM" logo to avoid paying any surcharge fees.

Search for a Privileged Status ATM

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